Summary in 2020

2020 is coming to an end, it's an unforgettable year. It happened an important big thing, just is COVID-19, it killed tens of millions of people, and has caused a serious impact on the global economic environment.Many companies have gone bankrupt.

the fire continue 6 mouths, too many animals to dead for the fire, in Austrulia. and it have a lot of things that don't say anymore.

2020 will be a disastrous year, and many major events have taken place all over the world, which will not be explained one by one.

it's difficult for me too, the company I work for has no project for a year. I've got a pay cut。I hope the work and life is getting better and better。

About the new targets in 2021:

  1. the score of ielts is 6.
  2. learn to python.
  3. another ideas will be start

The next year, I hope another ideas will be start,but It is not convenient to talk about the details here.

Summary in 2020
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